Are billionaire books still hot and should I write them?

I don’t know if they are still top sellers, but even without advertising, they are easy sellers and by far one of the easiest genres to get into.

There are clean billionaire authors who write a lot of them who swap newsletters with other authors, and that creates a synergy that really works very well for all. Some readers will read a billionaire romance and then read the other offerings of that author not for the billionaire aspect but because they can count on that author for a good romance.

I think the key to writing billionaires is to not be a one-trick pony. I started rapid releasing a 9-book billionaire romance series since August 2018 and I mixed it up with other popular tropes like cowboy and royalty. Because I like to experiment and see what my readers will like.

Don’t be afraid to make your billionaire covers stand out and have that unique branding. As in, use the popular “handsome billionaire” on the cover and title but don’t copy exactly what everyone is doing.

Another key is to write billionaires in a series of interconnected books through family relationships, friends, setting. That way your readers are invested from the get-go. Establish that trust with your reader, and they will follow you through billionaires or whatever else you write.

All these principles apply to other types of romances, but I think billionaire book branding is one of the easiest to establish. It’s a great way to get into publishing contemporary romances.

My other observations: I was recently at a community event selling books and I sold more paranormal, nonfiction, and cowboy romance than any of my billionaire ones. Which taught me that what might sell as ebooks might not sell as well in paperback. And to diversify.

Always be watching for what is selling out there, write what you love to read and be prepared to pivot into something else.

People might look down upon billionaire romances and say it’s a tired trope and that’s okay. That means more profit for us that publish them. Billionaires is a fun, escapist, time-tested-since-Jane-Austen trope that fulfills a lot of reader fantasies.

Sometimes people snipe at them, and when that happens, I don’t bother to argue. It’s a genre that has been good for me and I am grateful for it re-energizing my author career. I have been publishing since 2014 but only to market since 2018. I just retreat into my writing cave and write my next book.

Billionaires are not for everyone. But they sure are for many.